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NT Labs Duckweed Control 500ml

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NT Labs Duckweed Control – Your Solution for Nuisance Plant Build-Up in Ponds

When to Use: NT Labs Duckweed Control, also known as Cristalclear, is the ideal solution when you're dealing with a build-up of nuisance plants like duckweed in your pond. Cristalclear not only removes duckweed but also targets phosphate, the nutrient responsible for the rapid spread of these nuisance plants.

How to Use:

  1. Shake Well:

    • Ensure the product is well-shaken before use for effective application.
  2. Remove Excess Duckweed (Optional):

    • For best results, rake off as much duckweed as possible before treatment.
  3. Mix Full Dose in Bucket:

    • In a clean bucket of pond water, mix the full dose of Cristalclear.
  4. Evenly Distribute Around Pond:

    • Pour the mixed solution evenly around the pond.
  5. Double Dose (if necessary):

    • If the water is severely affected, the dose can safely be doubled without risk to fish.
  6. Weekly Application for First 2 Weeks:

    • Add to the pond every week for the first two weeks during the growing season.
  7. Biweekly Application Thereafter:

    • After the initial two weeks, apply every other week during the growing season for continued control.
  8. Minimum 6 Months Use:

    • Use Cristalclear for a minimum of six months to achieve optimum benefits.


  • Cristalclear not only targets duckweed but also helps control phosphate levels, preventing the rapid spread of nuisance plants.

Trust NT Labs Duckweed Control (Cristalclear) for effective management of nuisance plants in your pond. Follow the provided instructions for a successful treatment experience. Count on NT Labs for reliable solutions in pond water management.

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