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NT Labs Clears Green & Cloudy Water 500ml

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NT Labs Clears Green & Cloudy Water – Your Solution for Restoring Crystal Clarity to Your Pond

When to Use: NT Labs Clears Green & Cloudy Water, also known as Magiclear, is the perfect remedy when your pond water appears green and/or cloudy. This specialized treatment causes particles in the water to clump together, facilitating easy removal by settling out of suspension or through the pond filter.

How to Use:

  1. Test pH and KH:

    • Start by testing the pH and KH of the water to ensure optimal conditions for treatment.
  2. Aerate Pond Well:

    • Ensure proper pond aeration with features such as a fountain, waterfall, or air pump.
  3. Partial Water Change:

    • Conduct a partial water change, especially if the water is extremely green ("pea soup").
  4. Switch Off Pump (if necessary):

    • Temporarily switch off the pump if a strong flow rate could prevent particles from clumping. Remember to switch it back on as soon as the water clarifies.
  5. Mix Correct Dose:

    • In a clean bucket of pond water, mix the correct dose of Magiclear.
  6. Evenly Distribute Around Pond:

    • Pour the mixed solution evenly around the pond.
  7. Clean Filter After Treatment:

    • Clean the collected particles from the filter after the treatment.
  8. Address Floating Clumps (if necessary):

    • Without a filter, some clumps may float, and these can be removed using a net.
  9. Observe Fish and Take Action:

    • Use Magiclear when you have sufficient time to observe the fish and take action in the unlikely event of a reaction.

Do Not:

  • Do not use when the dissolved oxygen may be low (e.g., at daybreak, in hot, humid, or thundery weather, or within three hours of feeding).
  • Do not use if the KH is below 6 or the pH is below 7.
  • Do not use if there is nitrite in the water.


  • Failure to conduct a partial water change on extremely green water, like "pea soup," may result in a rapid reduction in oxygen, which could be dangerous to fish. Visit our knowledge hub for more information on this subject.

Trust NT Labs Clears Green & Cloudy Water (Magiclear) to restore crystal clarity to your pond and create an optimal environment for your fish. Follow the provided instructions and safety guidelines for a successful treatment experience. Count on NT Labs for reliable solutions in pond water management.

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