Malamix17 1L (10.000L)

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Why is Malamix17 good for your pond? Every pond contains a certain amount of pathogens: weaker fish are more susceptible to these dangers. The health of your fish starts with a healthy and strong mucus layer. Therefore, it is important to add Malamix17 to your pond on a regular basis. This ideal mix of vitamins, herbal and plant extracts will increase the immune system of your fish in a significant way. The active ingredients of Malamix17 are absorbed through both the skin and the gills of the fish. They enhance the health of the skin and form the basis for a healthy mucus layer, which in turn provides an optimal natural defense against diseases.

Malamix17 also contains nutrients/enzymes which enhance the filter bacteria and probiotics in your pond. This improves the water quality and protects your fish against ‘hole disease’.

How and when to use Malamix17: To obtain an optimal mucus layer (and thus immunity),
it is advisable to administer Malamix17 every two to three months, from the moment the water temperature reaches 5°c. Malamix17 consists of purely biological components, which means that overdosing is not possible. Malamix17 is the ideal solution to restore water quality and cure the health of the mucus layer of your fish after a chemical treatment.

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