Kusuri Super-Silk 20 5kg (pouch)

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Supersilk-20 Is a very special recipe including 20% Silkworm Pupae. Acknowledged by specialist Koi breeders
throughout Japan as the ultimate ingredient for feeding and the improvement of Koi. Silkworm pupae has unique
protein and silk oil properties that ornamental Koi and goldfish can digest, that will increase and enhance colors, white skin
pigmentation, increase lustre & gloss and improve body shape and growth. We have formulated Supersilk-20 specifically for northern
hemisphere temperatures so it can be fed conveniently within a pellet food without any oily residue on pond water that can sometimes
occur with pure silkworm feeding. Supersilk-20 at 38% protein can be fed for majority of the feeding season as a regular diet.
‚‚¦Supersilk-20‚‚½ is formulated for low waste & nitrogen output, growth, with natural Spirulina non-chemical color enhancement. This food
is free of chemical additives, substitute protein sources and any bovine / poultry, meat and bone products. Also included are the
Immune enhancing properties of Propolis, Garlic & Brewers yeast and "optimum" a special immunity enhancing additive the helps
increase disease prevention & aids tissue cell growth.
Ingredients Silkworm Pupae, Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Antarctic Krill meal, Soya bean meal, Wheat germ,
Kelp, Propolis, Spirulina, Kusuri klay, Garlic, Brewers yeast, Fish oil, Wheat flour, Optimum.
Quality analysis: Protein: 38%, Oil: 8%, Fibre: 4%, Ash: 14% Moisture: 8%.

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