Filtreau Combi XL50 Drum Filter (Gravity fed) built in rinsepump (NEW XL Motor)

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Introducing the Filtreau Combi XL50, the ultimate solution for low-maintenance filtration that ensures healthy and crystal-clear water without the need for daily upkeep. This advanced filter system takes the hassle out of pond maintenance, providing you with a pristine aquatic environment effortlessly.

Designed to handle large ponds up to 80,000 liters, the Filtreau Combi XL50 combines the benefits of a completely automated drum filter with a Moving bed/bio-chamber. This unique combination delivers optimal filtration performance, promoting the well-being of your koi and maintaining water clarity.

Equipped with 4x inlet (110mm) and 3x exhaust (110mm), the Filtreau Combi XL50 enables a remarkable water flow rate of up to 50m3/h. The enhanced design features a thicker 15mm base plate, a larger motor SPG, and a double seal for exceptional durability and reliability. The High Screen with a 120mc rating ensures efficient filtration of debris and impurities, while the included control box streamlines operation and monitoring.

The Filtreau Combi XL50 sets a new standard in filtration technology by incorporating essential components for optimal performance. It comes standard with a double UV-C system, featuring two 40W Amalgam lamps for effective sterilization of water. The inclusion of an Air diffuser disc ensures proper aeration and oxygenation, maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem.

With dimensions of 1270 x 900 x 1030mm, the Filtreau Combi XL50 offers a compact yet powerful filtration solution for your pond. Its thoughtful design and high-quality construction make it an ideal choice for both experienced pond enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Experience the ease and efficiency of the Filtreau Combi XL50. Say goodbye to daily maintenance routines and enjoy the benefits of clear, healthy water effortlessly. Choose Selective Koi Sales for all your pond filtration needs and discover the difference that the Filtreau Combi XL50 can make in your pond ecosystem. Trust in the exceptional quality and reliability of Filtreau products to provide the best care for your beloved koi.

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