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Cloverleaf Permanganate Answer can be used as an antiseptic painted directly onto an effected area or used as a bath to treat individual fish. Permanganate Answer can also be used when introducing new fish to a pond as a preventative and is also effective when used as a swab against argulus.
Diseases and probable cause:
Damage - cause: Accidental when breeding, attacked by heron, sudden disturbanceSymptoms: reddish scrapping on body of fish, large open wound, missing scales.
Fin and tail rot - cause: BacteriaSymptoms: blood streaking and rotting away reddish tips to effected area.
Ulcers - cause: BacteriaSymptoms: open sores red looking generally on body of fish.
Argulus - cause: ParasiteSymptoms: argulus foliaceus is a species of crustacean in the family argulidae, the fish lice. It is sometimes called the common fish louse. A typical fish louse of genus argulus is very flat with anoval or rounded carapace, two compounded eyes, sucking mouth-parts with a piercing stylit, and two suction cups it uses to attach to its host. Found attached on the outside of the fish.
Cloverleaf Permanganate Answer Dosage:
Dip Treatment - Use 10ml per 200 litres (45gal) for 10-12 hours
Dip Treatment - Use 10ml per 40 litres (9gal) for 30 minutes
Swab Treatment - Use 10ml per 400ml
Organic Load Reduction Treatment - Use 10ml per 400 litres (90gal)
If adding to pond Switch off UVC for 10 days after each application.
Do not repeat treatment or use other medications for 10 days.

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