Cloverleaf 2kW Heater Digital Stainless body

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The New Cloverleaf Pond Heaters are fully EU, TUV & UL approved they are available in two size 1kw & 2 kw.
The Cloverleaf Heaters are very easy to install into new or existing pond setups and come complete with both rigid or flexible pipe connections.
Choose from connection via 19mm, 25mm, 32mm or 38mm flexible pond hose using the 2 hosetails supplied or alternatively the units
will accept 40mm rigid solvent weld or 1.5‚‚½ rigid pressure pipe. These simple easy to use pond heaters have a minimum flow rate of 4000lph
and have a safety low flow shut off switch for peace of mind.
For maximum efficiency and to maintain an ambient temperature the pond should be covered and insulated to help achieve and maintain the
pond temperature in cases of insufficient insulation more KW per gal/litre may be required depending on the level of desired water
Two models are available 1Kw - for up to 1000gallons ponds (4500lts) and 2Kw - for up to 2000gallons (9000lts).
1kw and 2kw power consumption
4000lph minimum flow rate with pressure switch
Thermostatically controlled
IP55 rated
1.5m cut end cable fitted
Flexi hosetails plus Solvent weld inlet and outlets
length 230cm, width 18.5cm, hight 18.5cm

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