JPD Medicarp Large Koi Food 5kg

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JPD Medicarp is mixed with "Alphamune" and includes glucan and yeast cell wall which is an immunostimulant. These stimulate the immune system and speed up it's natural response time. This trait makes Medicarp an ideal food to use just before any fish movement or before a Koi show. 

Medicarp is enriched with Vitamin C which reduces stress in your fish and protects them from pathogens. Stress is the main cause of some diseases in Koi.

Medicarp keeps its shape in the water for longer, leaving less debris and dust in your water.


Astaxanthin makes red redder and Vitamin C makes white whiter. Bringing out the vivid natural colours of your fish. For true Color Enhancing performance, use JPD Medicarp Color Enhancer

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