A little history of Selective Koi Sales

Nestled in the leafy Norfolk countryside behind an unassuming bungalow is possibly the last place you would expect to find a bustling and thriving Koi business! Founded in 1980 By Andrew Chatten & Mike Pye, Selective Koi Sales is one of the longest established Koi dealers in the UK. At the time a lack of knowledge and equipment for Koi Hobbyists was the driving force behind the start-up of the business.

Over the years their knowledge and business continued to grow. A bittersweet time came with the passing of Mike Pye in 1993. Following this, his beloved wife Kath Pye stepped up and became business partners with Andrew. The pair forged the way for many Koi dealers in the UK today.

As Selective Koi Sales (SKS) continued to thrive, the business was joined in 1998 by an enthusiastic 16-year-old by the name of Chris Giles, Chris in his own words “is single-handedly responsible for the increasing numbers of moon-struck, female koi keepers that flock to Selective Koi Sales”.

Chris Giles - Selective Koi Sales

Who would have ever guessed this plucky young man would go on to become General manager of Selective Koi Sales & SKS Wholesale?

Andrew, Kath & Chris have worked tirelessly over the years to bring many firsts and many well-known brands to the UK Koi Hobbyist.  

Kath & Chris - Selective Koi Sales

Sourcing products from all over the world to stock in their store, Koi Food from Japan, Pumps from Germany and Bottom drains from sunny England! Never standing still, the business was and is pushing forward always looking to the next big thing in the world of Koi, even supplying other Koi dealers with the products they sourced.



In 1999 Selective Koi Sales (SKS) became the Sole UK and European distributor for two revolutionary new premium grade Koi Foods – Nobori and Medicarp, following long negotiations with the Japanese manufactures Nichido (now known as JPD).

This was an exciting time for the business being able to exclusively stock and distribute a quality product, made to the highest Japanese standards. 

The Koi sold at Selective Koi Sales are exclusively imported Japanese Koi, hand-picked by Andrew on his many buying trips to Japan, accompanied by Shunichi, owner of Yoshida Fish Farms (Tokyo). Andrew was often joined by Kath or Chris.  If you are looking for Koi with show potential or just a new addition to your garden pond, you are sure to find what you need at Selective Koi.


In 2009 SKS Wholesale ltd was formed to provide businesses in the Koi and Aquatic industry with a fast, efficient and friendly service with great products and a knowledgeable and logical approach to all aspects of koi keeping. That same year David Sherman, Kath’s eldest son became manager of the new SKS Wholesale warehouse. David and his team work tirelessly to deliver our product range to over 300 Koi Dealers and stores all over the UK and further afield.

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