Super-SET 4000 gallons (Sieve - Amalgam - Pump - Bead etc.)

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Plug & Play - the complete
integrated solution
Air-Aqua presents SuperSets ? high-quality
integrated solutions with variants for koi ponds
and swimming ponds up to a capacity of 100m3.
The SuperSet is characterised by its small
dimensions, high-quality materials and simple
operation with the option of partial automation.
Because the SuperSet was designed as an
integrated concept, all the units that make up
the filtration set are perfectly matched to one
another. A koi pond or swimming pond needs
good filtration if high water quality is to be
guaranteed in the long term.
The SuperSets combine multiple filter techniques
to achieve these goals. Almost any filter system
is capable of maintaining reasonable water quality
in the first year. In poor systems (or those that are too
small) problems only start to emerge in the second or
third year. A good system is able to remove the waste
products that are present in the pond. Even if the pond
has been in use for a longer period of time the filter
system has to guarantee good water quality. It is
essential that the filter capacity and water circulation
are sufficiently high. Higher water circulation often
means higher energy costs. The SuperSets from
Air-Aqua are thus designed to achieve the maximum
possible water circulation at the minimum possible
energy costs. The SuperSet is connected to the pond
in a gravity arrangement. The water enters the
SuperSieve via the pond‚‚¾‚s bottom drain or skimmer,
for example. In the small SuperSet, the submersible
UV lamp is integrated into the SuperSieve. The
SuperSieve is connected to the system pump
(Air-Aqua 17/FlowFriend), which then pumps the
water through the SuperBead. In the large SuperSet
this is connected to a UV lamp (this is optional in the
small set). The water then flows from the UV lamp back
to the pond.
The pumps are energy efficient, high quality and carefully matched to the SuperSets.
The Air-Aqua 17 is fitted as standard for the SuperSet Small, and the FlowFriend for
the SuperSet Large. So for the large set you can carefully adjust the water quantity to
be pumped to suit the requirements of your pond and fish.
A UV 40 watt amalgam lamp is supplied with the small set as standard. This is
pre-fitted in the SuperSieve. An external 130 watt amalgam lamp is available as an
option; this has a full stainless-steel housing and is pre-fitted in the SuperSystem. As
well as destroying floating algae, the 130 watt amalgam lamp also significantly
reduces the bacterial load. Choosing the amalgam lamp is obvious: it is energy
efficient (using 50-70% less energy than the TL or T5) and has a long service life
(16.000 hours instead of 8.000).
Waste pump:
All SuperSets are fitted with a separate waste pump as standard. During rinsing,
the FlowFriend is switched off and the waste pump switched on. The SuperBead is
emptied by suction and the dirty water is pumped straight down the drain.
Automatic rinsing:
The SuperSet can be constructed with an automatic flush valve for the SuperBead filter
as an option. With the automatic device, the SuperSieve just needs to be cleaned
from time to time.
Pipes and fitting - Plug & Play:
The SuperSet comes with all the connections between the various products. All the
pipes for the SuperSet are 90 mm. This guarantees the maximum possible flow rate
with the minimum possible resistance (and thus energy costs). The SuperSet has a
feature that makes it possible to send only some of the water through the SuperBead
or to bypass it altogether. This protects the biology of the
SuperBead filter if you are treating the water with medi
cines, for example.

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