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Next generation pond aerator as a set: The OxyTex 1000 is not just an ordinary pond aerator, it is also a filter medium. Its fibers, which are adapted to the flora, can be ideally integrated into the pond situation. Microorganisms feel really good there, ensure an additional breakdown of nutrients and thus help the pond to have clear water. This is why the OxyTex is successfully used in the Clear Water System, because it increases the overall filter performance by up to 10%. In addition to two OxyTex 1000s, the set also includes an AquaOxy 2000. Together they provide an impetus for the entire water cycle in the pond of 20 m³ / h. The two air hoses of 5m make flexible installation particularly easy. Strong OASE quality: You receive a 2-year guarantee.

  • Attractive plant effect design
  • Unique combination of oxygen supply, water circulation and nutrient decomposition
  • As the ideal supplement for the FiltoMatic CWS and FiltoClear, the overall filter capacity can be increased by up to 25%
  • Patented technology
  • Ample space for micro-organisms thanks to surface optimised fibre structure
  • Suitable for ponds up to  m³
  • The OxyTex Set 2000, consisting of two OxyTex 1000 units and a high performance AquaOxy 2000 pond aeration pump.
  • Connection ready complete sets with aerator pump AquaOxy and OxyTex

Technical Data

Dimensions (Ø x H) mm 220 x 300
Rated voltage (primary, secondary) 230 V / 50 Hz, 12 V / AC
Power consumption W 25
Cable length 12 V device (with power unit) m 2.00 (Power unit) + 3.00
Power cable length m 3.00
Net weight kg 7.72
Limited Warranty Years 2
Biological filter surface 7.0
Max. operating pressure bar 0.4
Pump capacity, max. l/h 2000
Hose (quantity / length / diameter) 2 EA / 16 ft. / 4.5 mm
Increase in filter capacity Up to 25 %
Other 2 OxyTex

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