Kusuri Wheatgerm 5kg Large (pouch)

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Wheatgerm is a special food that can be fed the whole year. Wheatgerm is particularly popular during Autumn,
Winter & early Spring periods when pond water temperatures are low and a reduced feeding protocol is usually
adopted. Wheatgerm contains special health enhancing supplements that prove beneficial during low feeding times, e.g. Kusuri Klay,
that promotes growth and prevents the production of stress proteins. It furthermore contains the following immune enhancing
supplements: Propolis, Kelp and Optimum (a proven natural additive that stimulates resistance to disease infection and helps
promote tissue cell growth). is free of chemical colour enhancers, substitute proteins & any bovine / poultry, meat & bone products.
Wheatgerm is an all season food that can be used during all temperatures.
Ingredients: Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Antarctic Krill meal, Crab meal, Soya bean meal, Wheat germ, Kelp, Propolis, Spirulina,
Kusuri clay, garlic, brewers yeast, wheat meal, fish oil, vitamins and minerals.
Quality analysis: Crude protein: 26%, oil: 4%, fibre: 6%, ash: 9%, moisture: 8%.

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