Kusuri Multi-season 5kg (Pouch)

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Kusuri Products have released a new Multiseason floating Koi food, the food is a special advanced recipe with
all wheat flour removed. Carbohydrates are known to be mostly indigestible and poorly utilized by Koi. Kusuri-
Multiseason formula also includes natural Prebiotics developed in Japan, which feed the intestinal micro-flora that encourage &
maintain a healthy colony of essential digestive bacteria. Consequently in conjunction with low levels of carbohydrates even more
nutrients are assimilated giving all seasons growth, with the advantage of significantly less waste output!
A Probiotic effect is also created in the intestine as it ensures the efficient development of the intestinal
immune system helping to prevent the development of potentially pathogenic bacteria. As with all Kusuri
Koi diets, Multiseason includes Research proven Kusuri Klay, Krill, Shrimp, Kelp, garlic, Fishmeal, Yeasts
& immune system enhancers. Kusuri-Multiseason is free of substitute proteins & any bovine / poultry,
meat & bone products and is suitable for use at all feeding water temperatures down to 10°C (50f).
Basic analysis: Crude Protein: 38%, oil: 8,5%, fibre: 2%, ash: 9%, moisture: 8%.

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