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AquaForte Complete Plug & Swim Filter Pallet Biopool Astral Victoria VS Type 5

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The ideal solution for professional and compact biopool filtration! This filter system is delivered completely pre-assembled on a plastic pallet with HDPE back. Only the power supply cable needs to be connected to the junction box. This filter system is suitable for up to 80m³ biopool. Thanks to the self-priming pump, this installation can be used both above and below ground.

This pallet system is also 100% suitable to convert a traditional (chlorinated) pool into a biopool!

Ecological filtration Sustainable filtration through optimal use of water, energy and water treatment resources. Environmentally friendly and savings in running costs.

Water saving The Beadfilter is cleaned by means of a blower, so only a limited amount of water is flushed away during backwashing.

Energy saving Optimal water flow through a low filter resistance. This allows the same filter volume to be achieved with less energy consumption.

Less chemicals Disinfection based on salt hydrolysis in combination with UV-C and phosphate control. Optimal water exchange ensures savings on water treatment products.

Plug and Play This complete filter system is delivered pre-assembled on a plastic pallet with HDPE back.

Safe AquaForte puts the welfare of swimming enthusiasts and their environment first. The realization of healthy, clear and clean swimming water is central to this filter system.

Technical characteristics:
3 inlets 63mm with ball valves for the pre-filter
2 returns 63mm (separately adjustable with ball valve Ø63mm)
Bypass system for heat pump with ball valves 63mm
1 x extra-large pre-filter (8 liters!) with easy-to-clean filter basket
1 x Victoria Silent VS pump
1 x AquaForte UltraBead UB-60 filter
1 x AquaForte Buster 140 watt UV-C
1 x Astral Elite Connect 100LS low salt hydrolysis system with pH & Redox option, dosing pump and multifunctional flow chamber
1 x AquaForte Dosatech for the dosage of Phosfree phosphate remover
1 x junction box with 6 sockets including 16A fuse and 30mA leakage protection

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